Listen. Learn. Lead. Bettyann Sheats, candidate for the Maine Senate representing Auburn, Durham, New Gloucester and Poland, keeps these words at the forefront as she knocks on doors and meets people across the community.

Listen. She wants to hear people’s concerns so that she can best represent them in Augusta.

Learn. Many people are well informed on topics that need attention from Augusta, ranging from property taxes and transportation challenges to democracy’s future, PFAs, and climate change.

Lead. Once elected to the Senate, Bettyann would lead. A West Point graduate, longtime active-duty helicopter pilot, retired veteran and small business owner, she knows what it takes to lead and has the skills to succeed. Previously, as a representative in the Maine House, she sponsored multiple bills related to children’s safety, veterans’ needs, and accessible transportation.

Listen, learn, lead: the perfect formula for the kind of leader we want in Augusta.

Joan Macri, Auburn

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