We often have much to learn from our children, as any parent knows. This is certainly true right now in Jay, where students at Regional School Unit 73 showed how fair-minded and principled they are about inclusivity.

Moreover, they showed the courage of their convictions at the recent School Board meeting at which a school director’s derogatory comments about inclusivity and LGBTQ kids were called out and challenged. That a board member could disparage students she is supposed to represent is appalling and should not be tolerated.

Teachers Rob and Julie Taylor stood up and were clear about their values when they spoke in support of their students and the principles of inclusion and acceptance. However, according to June 18’s Sun Journal, the superintendent and chair of the school committee apparently need legal advice before they can speak publicly.

In my view, this is unfortunate. In situations where values are at stake, we need clarity and leadership, not a closed-door approach or defensive legal position.

I hope Superintendent Scott Albert and Director Bob Staples can find a way to step up instead of stepping back. These kinds of issues call for leadership, and we should expect no less from the people we appoint to lead.

Steve Bien, Jay

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