In reading the accounts in the June 16 Sun Journal article describing our local law enforcement officers’ response to the mass shooting in Lewiston, I was struck by their bravery as they rushed to the scenes of this tragedy.

Not only did these officers care for the wounded, but they also had to consider they were confronting a shooter with a highly effective weapon. I was also shocked by their descriptions of the carnage that had taken place so quickly.

Guns don’t make people kill people, but an assault style rifle can certainly allow them to kill more effectively and indiscriminately, while also presenting a deadly threat to law enforcement officers who are typically at a disadvantage. Are we to accept that there will always be relatively easy access to these weapons of war that have limited sporting use and go way beyond self-defense?

The Maine Medical Association has worked with other gun safety advocates this past legislative session to advance gun safety measures to protect our patients. The state of Maine has made some progress in this regard, but more needs to be done.

We all should support and vote for politicians who are willing to make a stand for gun safety at the state and national level. We should never accept that the terrible scenes that took place in Lewiston on Oct. 25 are inevitable.

Paul Cain, Oxford

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