Adine Storer is a Newry photographer who loves exploring the intersections of science and art. Her favorite season is winter. Shed Window: Snowshoes peek out the shed window on the longest day of the year. “These ferns make a dense jungle for our guinea hens to explore in the summertime,” said Storer.

Storer’s dog Potato is a four month old puppy from Alabama. He is learning to delight in the coolness of the Sunday River on hot summer days, she said.

Michaela Mowery writes, “Summer’s sun and heat bring plenty of wild flowers that are scattered throughout Bethel’s forests and fields. Normally, spring wildflowers have died or turned into leaves by the first day of summer, however many survive and are a reminder to how nature is always growing and changing. ”

Dylan Van Buren’s decorated sneakers (look for the spider web) and skirt feel just right on the first day of summer. Rose Lincoln/Bethel Citizen

Fading lupine has a mountain backdrop in Bethel. Photographed just before a late day thunderstorm. Rose Lincoln/Bethel Citizen

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