I’m wondering if Cal Thomas is senile.

Last week he preached economic disaster, as the U.S.A. makes the fastest recovery in the free world. In the Sunday paper he says the left is plotting to challenge Trump’s policies, if he wins. Ridiculous; no proof. Does Thomas really believe, as Donald Trump promises retribution, the Jan. 6 people don’t want revenge?

Mark Thiessen says President Biden’s speech at Normandy was inferior to Reagan’s; at least he didn’t call the American dead buried at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France “losers” like Trump told General John Kelly.

Biden and Ronald Reagan both opposed Russian aggression; one can’t say that about Trump.

Rich Lowry compared the pro-Gaza protesters to protesters in Charlottesville. Gaza’s real tragedy is that it’s bound to be repeated by survivors who feel they have no choice. We share the blame; what a mess.

If Americans didn’t protest the killing of children I would be very surprised.

Rudolph Ziehm, Sabattus

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