Those who visited their local polling place to vote in the recent primary may have seen activists seeking signatures for a petition issue that has been defeated several times in the Legislature.

The voter ID petition is being pushed by Rep. Laurel Libby through her political action committee. She wants to require people to present photo identification to vote.

She is using the referendum process to bypass lawmakers for an unnecessary and costly impediment to voting.

Some elderly people and about 100,000 voters who don’t have drivers’ licenses would have to obtain a new state photo ID at a cost estimated at over $1 million (not to mention the problems it would create for college students).

Voter fraud is rare in Maine elections. In 2020, when 828,305 ballots were cast, there were only two proven cases of illegal voting.

Libby is sowing distrust in our system.

People should vote for Dan Campbell.

Tim McCloskey, Minot

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