Name, School, Year — Events
Mya Austin, Buckfield, Senior — Sprints, Jumps
Brittany Carrier, Buckfield, Junior — Sprints, Javelin
Brooke Chase, Mountain Valley, Senior — Hurdles, Jumps
Athlete of the Year: Makenna Drouin, Lewiston, Senior — Hurdles, Sprints
Serae Fish, Leavitt, Senior — Hurdles, High Jump
Jenni Flynn, Lewiston, Junior— Sprints, Hurdles, Long Jump
Isabel Folsom, Winthrop, Junior — Jumps
Cassidy Hardy, Mt. Blue, Junior — Throws
Saphryn Humason-Fulgham, Edward Little, Senior — Jumps, Sprints, Hurdles
Abby Marston, Leavitt, Senior — Middle Distance
Haley Marston, Leavitt, Sophomore — Distance
Kaisley Marquis, Leavitt, Sophomore — Sprints
Leilani Mitchell, Edward Little, Junior — Race Walk, Throws, High Jump
Brielle Tinker, Mt. Blue, Junior — Race Walk
Madeline Wagner, Winthrop, Junior — Throws
Haley Williams, Winthrop, Senior — Distance

Name, School, Year — Events
Kasie Booker, Lisbon/Oak Hill, Sophomore — Race Walk, Javelin, Pole Vault
Addy Burkhardt, Lisbon/Oak Hill, Junior — 400
Lucinda Carroll, Mt. Blue, Senior — Distance
Carina Castagna, Leavitt, Sophomore — Hurdles
Madison Dow, Mountain Valley, Junior — Throws
Madeline Ellis, Poland, Freshman — Discus
Michaela Harrington, Leavitt, Junior — Throws
Jade Haylock, Leavitt, Junior — Distance
Nora McCourt, Mt. Blue, Junior — Distance
Natalee Orr, Mt. Blue, Junior — Middle Distance
Sara Patriquin, Gray-New Gloucester, Senior — Jumps
Ella Pelletier, Oxford Hills, Junior — Throws
Joselyn Smith, Mt. Abram, Junior — Throws
Eliza Stinson, Mt. Blue, Sophomore — Middle Distance, Hurdles
Kai Trenoweth, Buckfield, Junior — Triple Jump, Javelin
Regan Wakem, Poland, Freshman — High Jump

Izzy Gates, Leavitt; Abigail Gervais, Lisbon/Oak Hill; Abbey Goodspeed, Mt. Blue; Riley Hoyle, Lisbon/Oak Hill; Olivea Miller, Leavitt; Heather Mousseau, Leavitt; Alivia Saunders, Lisbon/Oak Hill; Madison Wallace, Buckfield.

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