Name, School, Year — Events
Trevor Amos, Gray-New Gloucester, Senior — Throws
Owen Booker, Lisbon/Oak Hill, Senior — Jumps, Throws
Carter Butterfield, Mt. Abram, Senior — Race Walk
Ben Cobb, Gray-New Gloucester, Senior — Jumps
Maddox Demers, Leavitt, Senior — Throws
Gabe Durazo, Leavitt, Senior — Distance
Enzo Giampaolo, Lewiston, Sophomore — Distance
Mason Henderson, Leavitt, Sophomore — Sprints
Josia Katroli, Lewiston, Junior — Jumps, Sprints
Cadyn Langlois, Poland, Senior — Sprints, Jumps
Carter Libby, Gray-New Gloucester — Distance
Emmett Mooney, Lisbon/Oak Hill, Senior — Sprints
Ryker Paradis, Lewiston, Junior — Throws
Athlete of the Year: Stephen Pierre, Leavitt, Junior — Jumps, Hurdles
Christopher Pottle, Winthrop, Senior — Distance
Teddy Wagner, Winthrop, Senior — Sprints

Name, School, Year — Events
Ahmed Abdow, Lewiston, Senior — Jumps, Sprints
Drake Bartley, Leavitt, Senior — Sprints
Logan Berube, Leavitt, Senior — Sprints, Javelin
Aiden Brann, Mt. Abram, Senior — Throws
John Brocke, St. Dom’s, Junior — Jumps
Alfie Cognata, Winthrop, Freshman — Middle Distance
Gabe Corey, Winthrop, Senior — Distance
Noah Gibbs, Leavitt, Junior — Hurdles, High Jump
Cameron Harris, Lewiston, Sophomore — Sprints, Long Jump
Adam Hayes, Lisbon/Oak Hill, Senior — Hurdles
Lucas Hutchinson, Oxford Hills, Junior — Distance
Kaden Mills, Mountain Valley, Junior — Jumps
Brock Poulin, Leavitt, Junior — Sprints
Nick Powell, Lisbon/Oak Hill, Senior — Jumps
Eagen Whitten, Poland, Senior — Sprints, Jumps
Jyrrmal Yates, Mountain Valley, Senior — Jumps, Javelin

Honorable Mention
Adam Gammon, Mountain Valley; David Guston, Winthrop; Ryder Harding, Mountain Valley; Kaden James, Lisbon/Oak Hill; Thomas LeBlanc, Edward Little; Reagan Lockaby, Mt. Abram; Justin Lucas, Buckfield; Isaac Scribellito, Lisbon/Oak Hill; Sam St. Vincent, Winthrop; Gavin Therriault, Edward Little.

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