I am writing to support Rep. Kristen Cloutier’s reelection to the Maine House of Representatives. She has worked tirelessly in her past terms for such issues as providing a grant program to family caregivers, supporting increasing the health care workforce, and expanding affordable housing.

She has a very good attendance record, where she has worked not only on her own bills, but collaborated with the other members of the Legislature.

She has not forgotten her community, where she worked to get programs here after the Oct. 25 mass shooting.

She is a member of the Community Concepts Board of Directors and the Lewiston-Auburn Railroad Board.

Rep. Cloutier is approachable and answers her mail from her constituents readily.

For her work record and her consistent leadership, I hope that the citizens of Lewiston vote to reelect her on Nov. 5 of this year.

Cynthia J. Peters, Lewiston

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