Singles: Calvin Vincent, Edward Little, Sophomore — Player of the Year
Singles: Ian York, Spruce Mountain, Senior
Singles: Austin Vincent, Lewiston, Senior
Doubles: Eli Hoeft, Junior, and Lincoln Tierney, Sophomore, Mt. Blue
Doubles: Jace Bessey, Junior, and Austin Armandi, Sophomore, Spruce Mountain

Singles: Jaziah Lavoie, Spruce Mountain, Junior
Singles: James Stinson, Mt. Blue, Senior
Singles: Tim Williamson, Mt. Blue, Senior
Doubles: Caden Frazier, Freshman, and Owen Kelley, Freshman, Spruce Mountain
Doubles: Jack Cramer, Senior, and Alex Rackliff, Senior, Mt. Blue

Caleb Paris, Lewiston; Owen Sevigny, Mountain Valley; Everett Mailhot, Lewiston; Caleb Gamache, Mountain Valley; Brody Jamison, Mountain Valley; Sawyer Rooney, Winthrop; Gavin Bavis, Lewiston.

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