It is time this country’s citizenry took a stand for honest, vibrant governance. Maturity and experience are important, but not when neutralized by one who is clearly physically and mentally impaired, or by the other one who still believes he won the 2020 election, was found liable for sexual abuse, and most recently 34 counts of felonious behavior.

I don’t know whether to feel sorry or be embarrassed for fellow Republicans who are still supporting Donald Trump. The Republican Party should be ashamed of itself, especially evangelicals who used to know an unrepentant sinner when they saw one, but who must now think that sex crimes, adultery, lying, theft and coveting are just fine with God.

Moreover, our Democratic friends have lost sight of what it means to have a president in full possession of his faculties, who now appears to be manipulated by those who were never elected to the seat of power of the presidency. Holding on to power by illusion and subterfuge is treasonous; no one elected these puppet masters.

I’ll stay home in November before voting for either of the current candidates.  The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Mark Wood, Poland

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