Cecilia Crooker, left, and Cassidy Scanlon cool off in the sprinkler. Michaela Mowery photo

BETHEL — Bethel Recreation has a summer track program held at Telstar High School that welcomes children ages six to 14. The team is working towards competing in USA Track meets as well as Field Maine Youth meets.

This is an opportunity for kids to get outside, participate in a productive summer activity, and prepare them for performing the sport more competitively. When asked if he would like to continue the sport through high school Brady Wakefield, 9, said, “Yes, I definitely will.”

Telstar and beyond is always in need of players, getting a jump start on the sport assures the possibility for not only new players but experienced ones, too.

As the kids rotated through events, a team member exclaimed, “I did it! I did all three hurdles!” Though exercising and developing the skill, smiles were on everyone’s faces.

Wakefield added, “I realized all my friends were doing it and decided I had to do it this year!” Track pushes friends closer and creates friends out of strangers.

This program introduces a number of talents like running, jumping, and throwing. Coaches also work to familiarize the team with the rules and dynamics of the sport. The program’s volunteering coaches are Colleen Raymond, Nate Crooker, Katy Crooker, and Mary Scanlon.

Through the summer and beyond athletes will continue to grow offering new experts to the Telstar team.

Learning to pass the baton are Magnolia Firmin passing to Molly Firmin. Michaela Mowery photo

Resting at Rec Track are Ladd McCrum, from left, Abe Crooker, Morgan McCrum, and Charlie Richard. Michaela Mowery photo

Stretching before practice are Emma Coombs, from left, Kliness Firmin, and volunteer Mary Scanlon. Michaela Mowery photo

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