Singles: Gracie Ross, Mt. Blue, Senior — Player of the Year
Singles: Aubrey Kachnovich, Spruce Mountain, Senior
Singles: Honora White, Lewiston, Junior
Doubles: Kasey Burns, Senior, and Breanna Lee, Sophomore, Spruce Mountain
Doubles: Cora Pierce, Senior, and Zoe Annis, Senior, Oxford Hills

Singles: Ella Young, Mountain Valley, Senior
Singles: Claudia Cucubica, Lewiston, Senior
Singles: Mary Hamblin, Spruce Mountain, Senior
Doubles: Riley Small, Junior, and Salem Hughes, Senior, Spruce Mountain
Doubles: Sahra Mohamed, Senior, and Sarah Mack, Junior, Lewiston

Nhi Nguyen, Oak Hill; Kaitlyn Brito, Winthrop; Vera Dolitski-Rodriguez, Mountain Valley; Avery Gravel, St. Dom’s; Alexia Landry, Lewiston; Lidia Melanson, Oxford Hills; Elizabeth Grondin, Spruce Mountain.

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