In November, voters will decide which of the two presidential nominees will represent America. Some politicians on both sides seem uncertain. Millions of dollars in advertising will be spent in order to keep their party in control.

I firmly believe that the undecided voters will decide the winner.

Unlike small towns where voters have a say in local issues when it comes to being overtaxed, we trust our politicians to do what’s best for their citizens and they continue to put us in debt, thus creating more inflation.

Making deals with special interests and becoming millionaires at taxpayers’ expense needs to stop. We, as citizens, must find a way to oust career politicians.

Four more years with President Joe Biden would be a disaster. I’m in hopes that Donald Trump chooses a vice president who the American people would be proud of. We surely don’t want a Kamala Harris to pursue Biden’s track record.

Joe Voisine, North Monmouth

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