Sometimes, pipedreams can lead to big things.

Imagine a world where we can all agree, that each and every one of us gives back to making the human condition a thing to prioritize in life itself.

This tiny planet is crying out for water, food, shelter and whatever else is left to fight over until it’s all gone.

Far too many of us say just leave well enough alone, it will take care of itself. This mindset just doesn’t hold water, when humanity comes pounding on our door demanding to be let in.

Our planet has and will always be governed by survival of the fittest, and the cold reality of life and death that goes along with that. It should qualify as a wake-up call when none of us can feel secure from the day-to-day necessity that life requires and insists upon.

Pipedreams are just that. They’re only a dream that’s normally forgotten in the morning when we wake up.

It’s time to wake up and realize the real world has come calling.

Humanity is calling.

Michael Boom, Lisbon

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