In response to “Unsafe driving in Auburn” published on July 5, instead of debating with the author, I would like to simply ask a few questions in response.

First, does anyone think this is a problem unique to Auburn? I would suggest it is everywhere.

Second, would it be reasonable think when a driver sees a black and white car marked “police” they are going to commit the same violation others see? Drivers are not likely to run a red light when they see a police car, so the odds of the police seeing the same operation other drivers see are not likely.

Third, people know how many officers are on duty at any given time in Auburn, which is approximately 67 square miles of coverage. The four or five officers on duty do not only enforce traffic violations, but they are also responding to 911 calls and several other calls-for-service by the public throughout their shift. Then they are required to write reports during their shift to document the calls they respond to.

Another thing to consider is the risk the officers must weigh when deciding to try and conduct a U-turn in the middle of traffic to catch up to a violator.

Lastly, it would be unrealistic to think officers would issue citations to every violator they stop. That does not happen anywhere in the country.

Just some things to consider before formulating and voicing an opinion about the men and women who serve this community.

Nick Gagnon, Auburn

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