Jared Golden’s complacency, moral ambiguity, and political opportunism must be strongly condemned.

As a former campaign volunteer for Jared Golden, I must condemn his comments publicly and as loudly as possible. Rep. Golden has the opportunity to push the Democratic Party the way he wants it to go. If he wants to see a different candidate take on Trump, call on Biden to step out. He doesn’t even have to endorse anybody.

If you think this is out of bounds for a self-described “lowly member of Congress” as the three-term representative likes to call himself, Rep. Lloyd Doggett already called for Biden to drop out of the race since the debate disaster.

Instead, Jared Golden submitted an op-ed to the Bangor Daily News to say that “Trump is going to win — and I’m okay with that.” He went on to say: “Unlike Biden and many others, I refuse to participate in a campaign to scare voters with the idea that Trump will end our democratic system.”

Do you know who says Trump will end our democratic system? Trump. Repeatedly.

Rep. Golden is choosing to demonstrate complacency in what he sees as a predetermined outcome because he doesn’t have the backbone or moral character to help shape the outcome he wants to see. This is political opportunism, equivocation to the far-right, and a disappointment to all of his supporters in the state who helped him get elected.

If Jared wants a different outcome, he isn’t powerless.

Hunter Kissam, Lewiston

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