Name, School, Year, Position
Player of the Year: Chase Ranger, Mt. Blue, Senior, Midfield
Cody Dionne, Lewiston, Senior, Midfield
Lukas Bergeron, Oak Hill/Lisbon/Monmouth/St. Dom’s, Senior, Midfield
Owen Marr, Oxford Hills, Senior, Attack
Finley Ward, Mt. Blue, Senior, Defense
Talen Langevin, Gray-New Gloucester/Poland, Senior, Faceoff/Midfield
Noah Schaeffer, Gray-New Gloucester/Poland, Senior, Midfield
Joe Martel, Edward Little, Senior, Defense
Gage Spier, Oak Hill/Lisbon/Monmouth/St. Dom’s, Junior, Attack
Logan Billings, Edward Little, Freshman, Goalie

Name, School, Year, Position
Adam Hinkley, Oak Hill/Lisbon/Monmouth/St. Dom’s, Senior, Attack
Colton Davis, Oak Hill/Lisbon/Monmouth/St. Dom’s, Junior, Defense
Aries Plourde, Gray New Gloucester/Poland, Senior, Midfield
Evan O’Donnell, Edward Little, Senior, Attack
Bennett Ross, Maranacook/Winthrop, Senior, Midfield
Andrew Clements, Edward Little, Junior, Midfield
Tyler Abell, Mt. Blue, Junior, Attack
Julian Reynolds, Mt. Blue, Sophomore, Attack
Levi Bogar, Mt. Blue, Senior, Defense
Daven Langelier, Lewiston, Senior, Attack

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