PARIS — The Oxford County Sheriff’s Office notified residents Monday evening of scam phone calls beginning Monday morning.

Sheriff Christopher Wainwright said in a news release that an unknown person or people claiming to be from the Sheriff’s Office have been calling residents claiming they have legal action against them or warrants for their arrests.

“This information is followed by instructions that promise relief after some type of payment or money transfer,” Wainwright said. “This is a SCAM and no one from the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office will contact residents via phone and attempt to solicit funds for warrants, bail or other legal actions.”

The callers performing the scams are using residents’ trusting nature to prey on them. No one should provide personal or financial information over the telephone, he said.

Anyone who is worried that such a call may be legitimate should ask for the caller’s name, reason for calling, hang up and call the dispatch center at 1-207-743-9554, ext. 0. If the call was legitimate, a dispatcher can confirm it and reconnect the person with a deputy who can help.

Anyone who has made a payment, money transfer or other kind of transaction at the direction of one of these calls should report the incident to their local authorities, Wainwright said.

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