“Spring Afternoon in Maine” by Sandra Pealer Submitted photo

“Two Tigers” by Jeannelle Demers Submitted photo

Paintings by Jeannelle Demers and Sandra Pealer are on display during the month of July in the Woman’s Hospital Association Rotating Art Gallery at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

Demers’ current focus is on animal portraiture, including both domestic and wild animals. With acrylic on canvas, she paints hyper-realistic pet portraits from reference photos, evoking the essence of the owner’s pet or a favorite moment with them. She creates lively and captivating works of art that immortalize memories, personalities and the silly quirks that make our pets so lovable. More information on how to commission a portrait is available on her website www.200faces.com.

Pealer discovered the beauty of Maine during a trip to Monhegan Island in 2001. The landscapes and lighting were the perfect backdrops for her watercolors. She and her husband moved to the Oxford Hills area in 2009 and became immersed with the Western Maine Arts Group. Painting from her studio in South Paris, Pealer delights in the medium of watercolor, and loves the way that watercolor depicts light, shadow and mystery. She has earned signature status in the Philadelphia, West Virginia, North East and Vermont Watercolor Societies. A sustaining member of the American and National Watercolor Societies, her work can be found in collections throughout the United States and Canada.

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