Canton residents vote Monday night at the annual meeting at the Town Office. All 41 budget articles passed for a $1.2 million budget for fiscal year 2024-25. A solar ordinance was also approved. Marianne Hutchinson/Rumford Falls Times

CANTON — Voters adopted a solar ordinance and approved a $1.2 million municipal budget Monday evening.

About 40 residents attended the meeting moderated by Terry Hayes of Buckfield at the Town Office.

The budget is $53,344 less than last year.

The Canton Solar Ordinance allows an unlimited number of small-scale solar arrays of less than a half-acre, a maximum of three medium-size solar arrays equal to or less than a half-acre but less than six acres, and a maximum of one large-size solar array ranging from six to 30 acres.

There is a 15-acre solar farm on Edmunds Road, Planning Board Chair Tom Peters said.

Canton Treasurer Patricia Patnaude explains a municipal budget item Monday night at the annual meeting at the Town Office. At left is moderator Terry Hayes of Buckfield, and seated is Town Clerk Kathy Walker. Marianne Hutchinson/Rumford Falls Times

Prior to voting, Selectwomen Carole Robbins and Michelle Larrivee presented awards to several residents.


Robbins announced Loretta Blancato is the recipient of the Steve and Lisa Wills Memorial Citizenship Award. She described Blancato, who was not at the meeting, as “selfless, humble, always smiling and willing to lend a hand.”

Originally named the Citizen of the Year Award, the name was changed in honor of Steve and Lisa Wills, who were the recipients in 2020.

“Together they became the driving force behind the Canton Food Pantry where they made everyone feel welcome and valued,” according to the 2022-23 town  report.

Lisa Wills died in November 2021 and Steve Wills in February 2022.

Blancato is also a Spirit of America Award recipient for her work on the town’s Bicentennial Committee, Robbins said. She is a member of the Canton Historical Society and can often be found working at events or in the Historical Society store and is instrumental in Canton’s Santa’s Angels Program 2024, she said.

On behalf of the Select Board, Selectwoman Larrivee presented Spirit of America Awards to Public Works Department Foreman Andy Conant and employee David Noyes, Sewer Department attendant Dave Madison and Fire Chief Jason Vaughan and the department’s volunteer firefighters.

Canton Selectwoman Michelle Larrivee presents Fire Chief Jason Vaughan with a Spirit of America Award for the entire department Monday night at the annual meeting at the Town Office. Moderator Terry Hayes of Buckfield is seated at left next to Town Clerk Kathy Walker. Marianne Hutchinson/Rumford Falls Times

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