WILTON — On June 26, a workplace accident occurred that has left Jonathan Beaudette facing weeks in the hospital followed by months of rehabilitation. One fundraiser has begun and others are expected to be organized to help him and his young family.

Jonathan Beaudette of Wilton is seen recently at Maine Medical Center in Portland following workplace accident. He will need months of physical therapy and rehabilitation before return to work is possible. Fundraisers are being planned for Jonathan, who has a wife and two young children. Submitted photo

Beaudette was formerly part of Jay Fire Rescue Department. Over the past five years he received on the job training and is now a licensed arborist, his wife Brittany Beaudette told the Livermore Falls Advertiser last week. The couple’s son Ethan is two, daughter Natalie was eight weeks old on Saturday, July 6.

Friend William “Bill” Axell has set up an online fundraiser. As of early July 8, $1,190 had been received towards the $60,000 goal towards helping with transportation, childcare, medical and other expenses.

On the morning of June 26, Jonathan was working on a tree in Yarmouth for Whitney Tree LLC, Brittany said. “He had installed an eye bolt in a leader and was going to attach a cable to the main section of the tree to stabilize it,” she noted. “After installing the bolt, he was moving his lift back towards the main section when part of the tree collapsed, caught the boom lift and broke it. He fell 50 feet and was slammed into the bucket upon impact with the ground. He was harnessed into the bucket at the time.”

His brother in law, Devin Stanley was working with Jonathan at the time of the accident and was able to keep him still and call for paramedics, Brittany stated. He was immediately transported by ambulance to Maine Medical Center and placed in the ICU, she noted.

“When he arrived at the hospital he had a broken pelvis, femur, tailbone, vertebrae and many ribs,” Brittany said. “He also had a dislocated shoulder and internal bruising. He had two smaller procedures to fix his shoulder and take pressure of his pelvis. He then had a much larger surgery to put plates and screws in the front and back of his pelvis. We have not been given an estimate for leaving the hospital, just “at least a few weeks”. He hopefully will not need any more surgeries, but will need extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy.”


Jonathan will be in a wheelchair for a minimum of three months, Brittany stated. “At that time, if he is able to bear weight on his leg, we will hopefully graduate from a wheelchair to a walker,” she said. “He will need rehab for that entire process. We are hoping to have a home rehab company instead of inpatient.”

It will be many months before Jonathan is considered recovered, and his return to work will mostly depend on his mobility level after all of his rehab and physical therapy, Brittany noted.

She said Sunday Jonathan is able to move about a little bit with assistance, now. “We are working on it,” she noted. He is able to have clear liquids now, nothing else right now, she added.

Brittany said she does not have much info on other fundraisers, but they are being organized by Axell.

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