LIVERMORE — The Livermore Select Board met July 2 to discuss bids for surplus town equipment, and they listened to praise for the Livermore Fire Department. During the meeting, the board opened sealed bids for a 2010 International Plow/Dump Truck and a 2005 JCB 214 Loader Backhoe.

“I have a bid here for $21,625 from the town of West Paris,” Selectperson Joshua Perkins said.

Selectperson Scott Richmond said another bid was submitted for $12,100. “Congratulations to West Paris,” he said, as the board accepted the offer.

A 2005 JCB 214 loader backhoe with 11,000 miles on it also received two sealed bids.

“I have a bid for $14,002 for the backhoe from Bradley McDonald,” Richmond said.

“Mine is for $12,222 from Warren Smith,” said Selectperson Jeremy Emerson.


Richmond made a motion to accept McDonald’s bid and the board approved unanimously.

The board discussed purchasing a new backhoe in April.

Chairman Mark Chretien announced he will travel to Vermont to inspect a backhoe for sale. He emphasized the need to secure a loan and determine the exact amount required.

“If it is decent, I will let everybody know we should get it,” he said.

The board is deliberating when to meet to vote on purchasing the new backhoe, depending on Chretien’s assessment of the backhoe.

“It will just be a show of hands vote,” administrative assistant Carrie Judd said.


In another matter, she said the installation of the new septic system at the town office/fire station complex is done.

“They built this place in the 1980s and didn’t replace the septic field,” Chretien said, which is from the 1950s.

“We call it kicking the can down the road,” Chretien said.

The board received an email from resident Lorraine Woodard praising the Livermore Fire Department for its response to a recent accident.

“Livermore has the best fire department around,” she wrote. “They were so fast at getting to the accident and handling everything so well.”

The commendation was in response to a recent accident on state Route 108, where a 20-year-old woman and a toddler died in a two-vehicle collision after the vehicle they were in crossed the centerline and struck another.

The next Select Board meeting is July 16.

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