AUGUSTA — Lewiston District Court judicial marshals and the Androscoggin County Clerk’s Office were among statewide recipients to be celebrated at a recent luncheon hosted by Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Valerie Stanfill and State Court Administrator Amy Quinlan.

The committee received well over 100 total nominations in the six categories for which awards were given.

The Super Squad Award, given to a group of people who work together to solve a problem or have positively impacted their organization or helped achieve organizational goals, went to the Androscoggin County Clerk’s Office, namely Clerk of Court Andy Frechette III, Joline Chaloux, Robbin Rittie, Randeelynn Smith, Sandra Therrien, Linda Mason, Michelle Haggan, Jessica Guimond, Caitlan Campbell, Amy Jo Doyle, Kayla Pittman-Cahill, Beth Asselin, Jennifer Galloway, Lynn Levesque, Cara Thibodeau, Abby Roy, Aryz Terlaje, Amy Carman, April Whitney and Michael Teriault.

The Roy Rice Award, presented to a person, group, or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the safety and well-being of the employees of the Judicial Branch and/or those persons who participate in court activities, went to the Lewiston District Court Judicial Marshals, namely Chief Deputy Mark Tibbetts, Sgt. John Irving, Deputy Marshal Gabriel Lovering and Deputy Marshal Chris Ivers.

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