I am supporting Bettyann Sheats for the Maine Senate in District 20, which is Auburn, Poland, Durham and New Gloucester.

Bettyann is a graduate of West Point and served in the Army as a helicopter pilot. She has legislative experience as a former state representative. In the Legislature Bettyann worked to strengthen support systems for veterans and create transitional housing for women, veterans and their families. Bettyann has experience running her own business.

I have had the pleasure of driving Bettyann as she does house-to-house campaigning. I have seen her positive interactions with voters who agree and disagree with her on issues. She is respectful to all voters.

Bettyann listens to and considers all viewpoints on issues before making a decision on them.

I hope voters join those of us who support Bettyann Sheats as our candidate for Senate District 20.

Stan Tetenman, Poland

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