Name, School, Year, Position
Player of the Year: Amelia Foster, Gray-New Gloucester/Poland, Junior, Attack
Madeline Cote, Lewiston, Senior, Attack
Anna Courtemanche, Lewiston, Sophomore, Attack
McKinley Soehren, Oxford Hills, Senior, Attack
Izzy Hayes, Edward Little, Junior, Midfield
Chloe Roberts, Mt. Blue, Senior, Midfield
Saige Winslow, Oxford Hills, Senior, Midfield
Caroline Corgan, Maranacook/Winthrop, Junior, Defense
Kaya Joseph, Oxford Hills, Senior, Defense
Evangeline Hutchins, Mt. Blue, Senior, Goalie

Name, School, Year, Position
Gracie Hart, Oxford Hills, Junior, Attack
Lily Huntley, Mt. Blue, Sophomore, Attack
Lauren Landry, Lewiston, Junior, Attack
Alissa Butterfield, Mt. Blue, Senior, Midfield
Maya Kellett, Mt. Blue, Junior, Midfield
Crew Langley, Lewiston, Sophomore, Midfield
Bree Griffin, Mt. Blue, Junior, Defense
Julia Hanson, Oxford Hills, Senior, Defense
Gabby Thomas, Lewiston, Senior, Defense
Hannah Burleigh, Lewiston, Freshman, Goalie

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