Today, in an era of increased partisanship and political division, Congressman Jared Golden exemplifies a consistent spirit of reason and pragmatism. Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with him on specific issues, Jared has consistently shown his unwavering commitment to representing the best interests of Maine. His dedication to being a voice of reason in a climate of partisanship is commendable.

He is deeply connected to our state’s values and aspirations. He often provides passionate, in-the-moment answers to questions and refuses to be held hostage by the fear of “gotcha moments.”

Choosing another partisan “useful idiot” would only exacerbate our current challenges.

While Congressman Golden may not be voting for President Trump, I am. However, in a time characterized by polarization, I am also supporting Congressman Jared Golden. Let’s continue to back leaders who embody the values of getting things done amidst the cacophony of partisanship.

Matt Leonard, Auburn

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