Franklin County Animal Shelter is located at 550 Industry Road in Farmington. Our lobby, kitten, and available adult cat rooms are open to the public Monday to Saturday, 12-4 p.m. We are performing dog adoptions by appointment.  Please call us at 207-778-2638 during our open hours to schedule an appointment. Also call if you are interested in other shelter services such as Pet Nail Trim – $10/pet; Microchip Services – $20/pet; Pet ID Tags- $5/tag; Frontline, Under 70 pounds – $10; Frontline, Over 70 pounds – $15; and Cat Spay/Neuter Voucher – $40/pet.


Buddy is a male hound mix of five years old. Meet Buddy! This awfully sweet, cuddly fella is bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun! This energetic boy definitely lives up to his Boxer/Hound breed. He loves to run around, find trails around the dog park, and just be silly in general! He is quite energetic and loves to have a good time! He is a really sweet boy and is still quite gentle despite his exuberance. We feel like he would do well in a home with people of all ages, and that he would get along well with other dogs. He does have a bit of an interest in cats and seems like he wants to play rather than hunt them. Come meet this bouncing brindle bundle of joy! His nickname is: “T-I-double guh- ER!” He’s a high energy dog  but is extremely sweet around people and id good with other dogs. Due to his interest in cats, they are not recommended. As specified before, he likes bouncing, as well as eating treats. He dislikes walking in a straight line.


Melon is a female – 6 months-to 1-year old gray shorthair tabby. Her nickname is Momma Melon and she is a  medium-low energy level kitty. Meet Melon! This girl is as sweet as a ripe watermelon! She absolutely loves people, even though she is often found napping high above people on the catwalk. However, once you’ve got her attention, she will not want to leave you alone! She will make sure that you are only able to pay attention to her! Come and meet this flirty little lady who wants to go home with you! She is very friendly and flirty with people and is good with other cats. It is unknown how she is around dogs but would probably do fine with them.

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