2014 Primary Coverage

Election coverage

L. Snowe-Mello: Restoring the economy

For 14 years, I represented my community in the Maine House and Senate. Now, it is time to support Maine’s next generation of leaders. That is why I am proud to support Eric Brakey for Maine Senate. I have worked closely with Brakey, and I understand the strength of his character and... 1

L. Jensen: Fix the welfare system

Young people should loudly demand welfare reform. Not only because the current welfare system sends the message that able-bodied people can choose to not work and just live off the taxpayers, but because young people have to work harder than anyone else to be successful. The unemployment r... 3

R. Reed: He has done what he promised

I recall a time when people who needed help went first to friends and neighbors and then to their churches and community. There was a time when jobs were plentiful and those who needed to work were willing to take up a new trade or skill in order to survive. Sadly that seems to have been m... 11

M. Driscoll: Has the qualifications

I have been a registered Democrat for my entire adult life. I also believe that a candidate’s qualifications are more important than their party. That is why I am standing squarely in support of Republican Eric Brakey for Maine Senate this November. In my time volunteering at Lewisto... 8

Auburn taking nominations to replace Levesque on School board

AUBURN — Officials are looking for a candidate to fill the seat vacated by former School Committee Chairwoman Tracey Levesque. The Auburn City Clerk's office will ...

L. Wooten: Will speak up, take the lead

I want to take this opportunity to introduce a great candidate for Senate that I am seriously impressed with and who I want to thank for speaking up for the public while in Augusta. His name is new to some, but his courage and knowledge is what my district needs. He is a man of acti... 15

T. Shields: Knows fiscal responsibility

David Sawicki is a superb candidate for the Legislature, District 64, a newly established district including the northern part of Auburn and the adjacent town of Minot. He lives in Auburn and grew up in Oxford County. Sawicki has his own business and knows fiscal responsibility. He has an ... 56

M. Caminiti: Representing the hard-working people

Driving around Farmington, I am struck by the number of bumper stickers I see asserting, "Working People Vote Republican." It’s striking because Sen. Susan Collins and other Republicans recently failed to support a raise in the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 an hour. Republicans a... 3

Fareed Zakaria: Tough choice ahead for Hillary

NEW YORK — Hillary Clinton's problem is not her money. Despite the media flurry over a couple of awkward remarks she made, most people will understand her situation pretty quickly — she wasn't born rich but has become very rich — and are unlikely to hold it against her. Mitt Rom...

Otisfield voters approve budget, park lease deal, land trust request

More than 100 voters gathered early Saturday morning at the Otisfield Community Hall, where baked goods, fruit, coffee and information about the town's history and upcoming events were available as voters greeted each other and prepared to act on the town meeting warrant.


Election Coverage

R. Fraser: A young, fresh face

Many people had the opportunity to meet with Eric Brakey on June 10. He was seen at all the polling places in his district of Auburn, Minot, Mechanic Falls, Poland and New Gloucester. Brakey is running for the state Senate seat in that district. Brakey is just what Maine needs — a fr...

Micklon hopes to continue on Otisfield board in Saturday election

OTISFIELD — Selectman Rick Micklon will run for a second term on the board at the annual town election Saturday. Voters will elect a member to the Board of Selectmen, a chairman for the Board of Selectmen and a road commissioner after the annual town meeting gets underway June 28 beg...

J. Kirsch: Young people running for Senate

It is nice to see the younger crowd of Maine getting involved in politics in order to put Maine on a course of less spending, leading to more business in Maine and less tax burden for all of us. Eric Brakey seems to be just the person Maine needs to elect in order to fulfill that goal....

H. Ware: Taking an active interest

It is town meeting season in Western Maine. To me, town meetings are the purest and most accessible form of democracy. Everyone can be heard and participate in a town’s decisions for the next year. Reports are made, questions are asked and answered and often, at the Norway town meeting, har...

J. Bergeron: Maine deserves better

All Mainers have a stake in the November election, but no group has such a considerable stake as Maine’s young people. Young Mainers deserve a state that is competitive in offering economic opportunities that will allow its talented young people to remain in Maine and enjoy the quali... 23

A. Dube: Aren't we asking for trouble?

Recently, I went to vote in the city of Lewiston at Longley School. It was during a regular school day. There were children all around and everyone had to walk by classrooms in order to get to the polls. It occurred to me that anyone could be walking into this school, including someone who... 7

Sun Journal

Lasagna declared winner in Charter Commission recount

AUBURN — Lewiston-Auburn Charter Commission candidate Holly Lasagna was confirmed the winner Friday after a long day of recounting votes cast June 10. She will join Chip Morrison and Michael Beaulieu on the commission. Eight volunteers and some city staff broke into four teams...

R. Melendy: Return honesty to governor's office

It is now an established fact that Gov. Paul LePage contracted with the Alexander Group for nearly $1 million to "prove" that Maine welfare programs should not expand. What else has LePage done? • He has vetoed more bills than any other governor in history; • He has... 9

Whitley running for House District 71 seat

NORWAY — Democrat Dennise Dullea Whitley of Norway has announced her candidacy for the Maine House of Representatives in District 71, which includes the towns of Norway, Waterford, West Paris and Sweden. Whitley is a Maine Clean Election candidate. Whitley credits her lifelong...

Abortion raised as issue in governor's race

PORTLAND — Abortion rights supporters sought to elevate the issue in the governor's race by throwing their support behind six-term Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud on Monday. The Planned Parenthood Maine Action Fund PAC said the state "cannot afford another four years" of Gov. Paul ...