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Subscription Questions

A: Within our home-delivery areas, options include a 7-day or Weekend (Thursday – Sunday) home delivery subscription to the Sun Journal. Those not interested in receiving home-delivery service or those outside our print delivery area can sign up for a Digital Only subscription, which provides unlimited digital access to the Sun Journal, as well all of our paid weeklies. This includes apps for your mobile device, and eEdition products for all. Sign up here, send an email to [email protected] or call Customer Service at (207) 784-3555.

A: During this pandemic, we are taking extraordinary precautions to limit the number of hands that touch our home deliveries. Only essential staff are on-site and are following CDC guidelines for handwashing and social distancing. Carriers are encouraged to wear gloves and are limiting deliveries to doors and drive-ways as well as not entering buildings.

A: It is expensive to produce the quality journalism we deliver each day. Unfortunately, online advertising doesn’t generate enough revenue to sustain our business. We are limiting access to our content online to provide more value for home delivery subscribers and to generate additional revenue from digital-only subscribers.

A: Yes, all home-delivery customers can register their account for full digital access by setting up a password. Use your email address and the password to login to both the ePaper and Please note that a current email address must be already stored on your subscription record.

A: You can make a one-time purchase of a home delivery subscription for 4-weeks, 12-weeks, 26-weeks or 52-weeks. Auto renew is a payment that is automatically charged to your credit or debit card for the term you select (i.e. if you choose 52 weeks we automatically renew your subscription every year using your credit card).

A: Non-subscribers will have access to our home page, photo galleries and exclusive videos, obituaries and classifieds, plus a limited number of free articles per month. Content that counts toward the meter includes all articles, columns (staff, guest and syndicated), editorials and archived material.

A: The meter keeps track of the number of articles you read up to the article limit. The meter resets on the first of each month. Once you reach your final article, you will encounter the paywall and will need to purchase a subscription to keep reading.

A: When you register for a free account, you get 7 days of unlimited articles on the website and the ability to sign up for a commenting account. Comments allow you to be part of the conversation on many stories, to share your perspective and opinions. After the 7 days of free article access, your commenting account will remain active but limited to the stories you can access and that have comments enabled.

A: Free registered users are entitled to 7 days of free articles and can comment on stories.Subscribers pay for unlimited digital access to the website, ePaper and Headlines app, among other benefits including commenting, exclusive events & offers.

A: Yes! Contact our customer support team at 207-784-3555 or visit to purchase a subscription online. You can use the same email address and password you provided for your free account to log in as a paid subscriber once your purchase is complete.

A: No, repeat views of the same article do not get counted more than once.

A: You may securely purchase a subscription online using a credit or debit card. If you select auto renew, please know that we will charge your card automatically.

A: Cancellations may be made by emailing us at [email protected] or by calling 207-784-3555 during the hours of 7 AM to 4 PM Monday-Friday. Your cancellation will apply to the next billing cycle. We do not offer refunds.

A: No, email newsletters remain as a free service. You will still receive the e-newsletter regularly. If you click through to the site to read the full article, that will count toward your monthly allotment.

A: Your subscription may be accessed from up to 5 unique devices. You may only have one username and password per subscription.

A: You will need to access your account information in order to make changes. You can do that here: Account Services.

A: We want to hear from you. Please either call 207-784-3555 or email us at [email protected].

A: Digital access is only included with home delivery and digital subscription options.

A: You can find our terms of use here:

A: Please either call 207-784-3555 or email us at [email protected].

Customer Service

A: Contact us here.

A:Contact us here.

A: Contact us at us at [email protected].

A: Contact us at us at [email protected].

ePaper Questions

A: To validate you as a subscriber, an initial login is only required once on each device or browser. You’ll need to use the same email and password you use for the website..

A:The Main Menu () in the upper right corner opens to access a full list of options, sections, and settings for your ePaper.

Navigate through the ePaper using the arrow icons (< >) in the top center or on the sides, swiping left or right on your touchscreen, or by using the Pages button in the lower left corner.

You may set your View Options using the arrows button next to the title on the upper left, letting you adjust how pages are displayed.

A: You can swipe left or right and/or use the arrow buttons to turn pages. If you are zoomed in, use the page navigation at the bottom of the page or the arrows at the very top of the black bar to page through.

A: Blurriness is often caused by the page loading.  Give it a few seconds to load fully.

A: Use the archive link on the top right to find the date, organized by month. It will load in place of the current edition.

Newsroom Questions

A: Fill out our online form.

A: Visit and click “+ Add Event”.

A: Visit for details.

A: Photographs can be searched and purchased through the Photo Store.

A: visit for details.

A: Fill out our online form.

A: Fill out our online form.

Technical Questions

A: We send browser notifications in Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. When you open find the small red bell in the lower left corner. Click on the bell and you will see a red “unsubscribe” button. If you’d like to subscribe again in the future, just click on the bell and hit subscribe.

A: We suggest Mozilla Firefox. Newer versions of Firefox have an auto-update feature that will help keep you up to date. We also suggest Google Chrome. A personal favorite, Google Chrome is fast and agile. Chrome, like Firefox, also has an auto-update feature.

Other browsers:
Apple Safari. A good browser that is quick and well supported. Internet Explorer. Although we support IE8, we strongly suggest you use another browser to view our site.

A: Each browser is slightly different. Some browsers auto update and some are more complex. We suggest you visit your preferred vendor’s website and download the latest version if you are unsure of what is available or how to update your browser.

Internet Explorer

A: Some features of require a browser technology called cookies. Cookies are like name-tags for your browser. They are files stored on your computer that allow our website to recognize that you already signed in when you come back after being away for a while. Please be sure you have cookies enabled for Some browsers will have options for disabling cookies on a site by site basis as well as globally. Some browsers (such as Google Chrome) allow users to clear cookies and local data at the time of shutdown of the browser. This feature may be the reason you are being logged out each time you close your browser.

A: It’s possible they have been turned off by you or someone else who uses your device. In that case it is usually a simple matter to turn them back on. It’s also possible some other programs or browser plug-ins like anti virus or ad blockers, may limit the functionality of your cookies. There are so many different kinds of these plug-ins and applications, we can’t provide support for those, but if changing your cookies settings doesn’t resolve a problem you are having, a next step might be to disable these products temporarily and see if the problem persists.