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  • According to Adm. Mike Gilday, the chief of naval operations ... the current fleet of about 298 ships "is not sized to handle two simultaneous conflicts." The Navy is "sized to fight one and keep a second adversary in check, but in terms of two all-out conflicts, we are not sized for that."
  • Covering stories that show people at their worst while mostly ignoring them at their best is racism and contributes to negative stereotypes and perceptions. It would also help if more Republican leaders and conservatives were seen as denouncing racist ideology. I do.
  • Dress standards for deluxe dining started collapsing decades ago, but the pandemic pounded them further. With the health crisis receding, high-end restaurants are looking for a reset by establishing (or restoring) rules for dress.
  • The lobster industry is Maine’s economic engine, supporting the men and women who fish as well as entire coastal communities. Imposing these restrictions limits their catch, not only taking away the opportunity for catch, but making it harder in the process.
  • "Paris is worth a Mass," Henry of Navarre supposedly said before converting to Roman Catholicism and becoming king of France in the 16th century. Similarly, staving off Russia, and perhaps defeating it without firing a shot, is worth $40 billion.
  • The GOP has pioneered a dangerous conceit: that high office, once held to be the proper province of the serious, the learned and the prepared, has now been democratized till it can be fulfilled by any unremarkable twit with the gumption to seek it and the ability to convince the average Joe or Jane that ignorance, immaturity, hostility toward liberal values and lack of impulse control constitute authenticity.
  • Immigration has been hotly contested throughout our history, and is an inherently highly emotive issue, involving the composition of our polity and core questions of national identity. It can only inflame the issue further to explicitly weaponize demographic change, as the left has for decades now. We should have an immigration policy that serves the national interest, not the narrow interest of one political party.
  • The want of a newspaper in this vicinity has long been felt and lamented, and it is the intention so to conduct the Journal that it may be acceptable to all parties, and a profitable visitant at every fireside.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin is clearly out of his mind. Only a deranged and isolated leader stuck in a 20th century time warp would launch an unprovoked and barbaric attack against a people he says are the same as his own — and say he is saving them from Nazis.
  • May 19
    They are being overrun by caravans when not murdered by illegals or terrorized by Muslims or tyrannized by masks or oppressed by vaccinations or canceled by culture or lied to by media or lied upon by media or cheated by elections or blamed by Blacks or vexed by “Press 1 for English.”
  • How are progressives made? By cooking them in a public school six hours a day, five days a week where they are seemingly indoctrinated with an ideology that contradicts the values and beliefs of many of their parents.
  • Recessions always have a human cost. It may be some small comfort, though, that a mild recession in the near term means you can avoid a very bad recession in the future.
  • Banks must compete harder to recruit young people against their stronger aspirations to work in technology or health care. This is why banks such as Goldman Sachs are also bringing in an array of progressive benefits and why many are being forced to allow more flexible working.
  • If you still have your "Whip Inflation Now" button stored away, or can find one in an antique store, pin it on your clothing. It will be a great conversation starter and you can explain what it meant, why it didn't work and why the current administration's updated version also won't achieve this president's stated goals.

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