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  • Journalists have lurched from finding a threat to freedom to the press in every criticism of reporters and news outlets by former President Donald Trump to themselves calling for unwelcome media organizations to be shut down.
  • Democracy is fragile, and we’ve come closer to losing it than any generation since Lincoln’s. We all should want to answer Biden’s call to save it. But we all should also understand that it cannot be and it will not be saved at the expense of those who have too often and for too long been shut out of America’s lofty ideals. We, too, sing America. Let the GOP learn to accept this. Then “unity” will take care of itself.
  • According to Sen. Bernie Sanders, "In Vermont, we know something about the cold. And we're not so concerned about good fashion. We just want to keep warm."
  • Partially or fully wiping out federal student loan debt would be a godsend to many Americans but not be enough to slay the fund-eating dragon that has become a many-headed hydra. Federal student loans and the industry they spawned have never adequately funded colleges and universities nor enabled Americans to afford college fees.
  • January 25
  • Neil Diamond's song was meant as a patriotic celebration of America's "melting pot." Given the chaos that will come if Biden's promise is not retracted, that "pot" is likely to boil over, causing irreversible harm.
  • When day comes we step out of the shade, aflame and unafraid. The new dawn blooms as we free it. For there is always light, if only we're brave enough to see it. If only we're brave enough to be it.
  • Can the Biden administration continue "the tougher approach" with Hunter Biden's China investment scandal lurking in the diplomatic and criminal background?
  • While this past year has provided many challenges, we have been thankful for the support and dedication of community members, faith-based organizations, local businesses, county commissioners, and our many partners for their cooperation and support this past year. Together we have accomplished a great deal.
  • President Biden can do his part to lower the temperature of our politics, and raise the tone, simply by not stirring the pot every day the way Trump did and by honoring the norms his predecessor cast aside. This won't be transformative, but there actually might be some unity around the proposition that it will be a welcome change.
  • We should remember the past so we can learn from the past. We do not learn from the past by lionizing its wrongdoers, its traitors.
  • January 22
    Presidents matter. Apparently, we needed a reminder. Sadly, we got one.
  • Poor Justin Trudeau. The Canadian prime minister must have been relieved to be done with President Donald Trump, only to learn that Joe Biden plans to tell Canada to pound sand as one of his first priorities.
  • How far we have come from the empty vow four years ago to bring back "beautiful, clean coal." Closing that circle of false hope could actually be a good thing for coal country. Coal country can be saved. Coal cannot.
  • January 19
    As President Trump leaves office, he will have time, but perhaps not much time given that his enemies seek to destroy his businesses and his chance for running again for any office, to contemplate what went wrong.

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