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  • at 10:05 AM
    Facts from real experts, not more militancy, is what we need. Avoid believing a “scientific consensus” on climate change.
  • The kids who played basketball in Portland and the kids who sang and played instruments in Decorah thrive. But we are failing millions, literally, of others.
  • Measles used to kill up to 500 people a year, while polio left more than 15,000 paralyzed. Parts of America that stop requiring vaccinations will be turning their clocks back to an unhappy past.
  • The public needs to know the inner workings of a politician’s heart and soul beyond studied right-left talking points. Last week's so-called “debate” between Florida Governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis and California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom failed to deliver.
  • December 5
    In the end, coming to terms with Kissinger’s legacy means choosing: Should morality have any bearing on how a world power behaves in bare-knuckled global affairs? How you decide that question likely will determine how you view Henry Kissinger.
  • Carriers and local officials say mail service has been disrupted in rural communities from Portland, Maine, to Washington state's San Juan Islands.
  • It took barely more than a nanosecond for former President Donald Trump and his allies to pounce on the new Capitol assault evidence and touch off a new wave of conspiracy theories, most of which appear to be a rehash of the old evidence in a feeble attempt to promote an alternative history.
  • Wood indisputably boasts the best carbon footprint of any widely available heating energy source. This undeniable truth stems from the fact that wood pellets are composed of biogenic carbon (unlike geologic carbon) assembled as sawmill residues, low grade forest products, and arboricultural waste wood.
  • How many times must we see this plot repeated and not recognize it for what it is: terrorists kill innocent Israelis, including women and children, and after a while much of the world begins to suggest it’s the fault of the victims. If only there were no Jews. If only Israel didn’t exist seems to be their line.
  • The deaths of several children within weeks of each other in the summer of 2021 raised alarm bells when it was discovered they had some involvement with the agency. It was obvious that something was wrong within the department.
  • The Free World Shell Crisis has embarrassing but instructive echoes of 1915 that ignorant politicians will ignore but wise leaders will heed.
  • December 2
    The label is problematic. For starters, logic states that it could be applied to just about any ingredient that makes its way onto one's fork, spoon or fingers. After all, with the exception perhaps of mushrooms, some greens and a few hothouse items, all food comes from farms. The apple that sailed and was then trucked 8,000 miles from New Zealand to Minneapolis came from a farm.
  • On the wall, I see handwriting that says our traditional standard of “straight reporting,” and the neutrality that comes with it, no longer win the public’s esteem.
  • Napoleon can be considered a proto-fascist dictator, or an enlightened reformer, or some of both, but he could never be considered dull, at least not until portrayed by a stolid Joaquin Phoenix, seemingly unaware that the general was a sparkling personality, a hugely energetic reformer and an inspiring leader of men.
  • Without a doubt, brilliant minds have attended and taught at Harvard, Yale and the rest. But so have many mediocrities whose rich parents hired consultants to turn their offspring into the perfect packages these institutions want. That meant tutors to ensure high scores alongside some angle, such as prowess in a sport or carefully selected do-gooding.

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