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  • The racial attitudes and behaviors established through slavery persisted long after its abolition in 1865. The 1619 Project addresses these in great detail and provides insights into the racial divide which plagues this country to the present day.
  • It is the question that haunts every mass shooting. It seems to be asked in the tacit belief that if we could just find a reasonable motive, just suss out a cause, it might provide a way to comprehend the incomprehensible — even suggest a road map to preventing the next one. In America, there is always a next one.
  • The people of Maine deserve to know what Gov. Janet Mills tried to do to select members of the press, and how willing established outlets were to give this whole story a good leaving alone.
  • I've been asked when I will retire, but I can't think of anything that matches or exceeds expressing my opinions and getting paid for them. If good health continues, and with the approval of editors around the country, I shall press on, annoying liberals for as long as I am able.
  • Apple sells real stuff, things that need to be recharged. Twitter does not. It's just an app that the delete button can make disappear.
  • Getting reelected would be the greatest imaginable vindication. It would be a victory over everyone who condemned his conduct after the 2020 election. It would show that all those politicos who said he needed to moderate his conduct didn't know what they were talking about. It would be a rebuke to "DeSanctimonious" and "Young Kin" and everyone else people mistakenly forecast could be the future of the GOP.
  • Democrats consider Joe Biden the safe choice in 2024, since he's the incumbent and surrounded by flawed alternatives, yet he is actually an enormous risk. Nominating him again would be extremely reckless, both for the party and for the country.
  • When the COVID vaccine came along, you never tired of urging Americans to obtain it. Over a million Americans died from COVID, but an estimated 234,000 of those deaths could have been prevented if everyone had gotten their shots.
  • We see the consequences of ignored mental illness everywhere. No treatment for thousands living on the streets because their mental condition keeps them from coping safely with life. No treatment for thousands of veterans who came home with trauma invading their daily lives. No treatment for thousands who fall victim to addictive drugs, legal and illegal. No treatment for thousands who can’t get through a day without anxiety or depression.
  • What has been missing in the continuing debate about guns is a focus on the declining value our culture places on life, as well as any notion of personal responsibility and accountability for one's actions. From the continued advocacy by some for no restrictions on abortion, to states that have passed assisted-suicide legislation, the value on human life "endowed by our Creator" has eroded like sand at the seashore.
  • The Nazis systematically murdered 11 million people — 6 million of them Jews, the rest homosexuals, communists, labor unionists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the disabled — for the “crime” of worshiping, thinking or being, different. That’s a September 11 attack every day for 10 years.
  • The ultimate indignity would, of course, be if Republicans denied former President Trump the nomination, at which point he would transform from I'll-fight-and-die-for-you victim to unadorned loser.
  • So far, FIFA has chosen profits over action. The question now is whether soccer's global governing body will continue to ignore the human rights violations in Qatar, as it did in the 1970s in Chile and Argentina, or if it will commit to establishing a fund to compensate migrant workers and ensure that LGBTQ+ people do not face discrimination or harassment.
  • Unless humanity can immediately reverse the course of planetary destruction, there is little hope for a brighter future. The unanswered question is whether we in the United States and the rest of the global community can find a viable path forward. It will require those of us who have lived a profligate life of luxury to reduce our consumption and to start the sharing of our great wealth with the have nots.

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