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  • However you or I define "woke," we should not want politicians to interfere with business decisions because they don't like the executive suite's views on social policy. As consumers, we can withhold our patronage of its products and services or increase it. As investors, we can put our money into companies whose values we share or take it out if we don't.
  • at 9:24 AM
    I will never forget hearing about her life, her love of family, belief in youth, joy in gardening, how much she loved living by the pond, and especially her wise advice. Conversations about her faith in God and heaven were priceless, and I look forward to one day seeing her again.
  • In his attempt to hold on to power, a year and 30 days after his unthought-out invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has accepted being second banana to Xi Jinping in the world of tough-guy dictators.
  • There are signs that Donald Trump is in a strong position in the nomination fight — his fixation with Ron DeSantis is not one of them.
  • A Trump withdrawal from the 2024 race would open up the field to candidates with less, or little, political and personal baggage and help voters to focus more on important issues than Trump’s caustic personality.
  • All signs point to Bragg, the progressive prosecutor in Manhattan, indicting Donald Trump for his 2016 hush-money payment to Stormy Daniels.
  • Europe is leagues ahead of the U.S. in adopting carbon pricing, and there's no shortage of European funding available. But accessing that money and getting planning permission must become less bureaucratic.
  • Yes, instead of standing in the line of literary giants such as Dante, Chaucer, and Goethe, Shakespeare is to be associated from now on with the likes of the 19th century French apostle of scientific racism Arthur de Gobineau, George Wallace, and — why not — the Oath Keepers.
  • At a time when retirees and others are seeing their stock market investments decline and polls showing there is dismay about the country’s financial future, Congress has an obligation to step in and hold accountable the policies and the people responsible for the SVB collapse, and to prevent new ones from occurring.
  • For Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, spending grown-up time on a threat to the Western alliance might seem an unwanted distraction from his main theme of waging a comic-book war against "woke." For example, his administration has just revoked the Hyatt Regency Miami's alcohol license because it hosted "A Drag Queen Christmas."
  • Casella’s recent sudden decision to stop landfilling sludge at Juniper Ridge is a blatant attempt to undo vital legislation and is a classic bullying tactic.
  • How can history or anyone else properly hold the former president accountable if Pence won’t share details of his interactions with Trump leading up to the 2020 election and the day of the attack on the Capitol?
  • March 19
    The hybrid war's current weapons: deadly drugs (fentanyl), human trafficking (to include child sex and work slavery), migrants sapping social welfare dollars budgeted for deprived American citizens and noncitizens voting illegally.
  • If LD 714 passes as written, it will add unlawful trafficking, unlawful furnishing and possession of a firearm by a prohibited person to the crimes that someone can be charged with at the scene of an overdose. People are often charged with trafficking or furnishing even if they are not trafficking or furnishing their drugs to others, simply because of the amount of drugs they have in their possession.
  • I blame Democrats for making politics about our condition of birth rather than about getting along in the world. But Republicans have made a weapon of identity, putting their cards on the table of white resentment.

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