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  • And as McConnell’s theft of the court seat, that January insurrection and literally dozens of other examples attest, the GOP has, in a very real sense, ceased to function as one.
  • Now, as we slowly emerge from COVID-19, we can look at what will, what won't, and what should change as we build a new normal. One thing that should change is food distribution. America's food distribution systems don't work nearly well enough. In a nutshell, they are too efficient, and they are too efficient because they are too specialized.
  • April 16
    Anti-business politicians in the Maine Legislature are at it again, proposing laws to regulate faraway companies that, if applied to Maine’s own industries, would be devastating.
  • If one can say the pandemic has had any positive side effect, it has been to help us focus on what the loss of liberties looks like. Such losses do not occur immediately but erode over time as people become increasingly comfortable with government claiming to know what is best for us.
  • Policymakers in Augusta should not be passing any legislation that increases Mainers’ monthly bills, while communities like Lisbon continue to deal with the economic toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that is exactly what legislation pending before the Maine Legislature would do by implementing a statewide cable tax.
  • Substance use disorder does not discriminate. Adults who are currently eligible for targeted case management comprise only a fraction of adults living with substance use disorder in Maine. Every person with MaineCare benefits and a diagnosis of substance use disorder who is seeking approved treatment services should be eligible for targeted case management.
  • Seeing himself as an historical figure, and relying increasingly on brute force to steamroll over any vestige of an opposition, Putin no longer needs to worry about legitimacy. Russia's swashbuckling propagandists are more than ready to go into overdrive if they need to justify an onslaught on Ukraine.
  • To the libertarian, government itself presents a problem. Every law infringes on liberty because every law to some degree coerces — and even tiny "limited" infringements on freedom can add up. Thus law itself requires a justification more significant than the frenzy of any given political moment.
  • What does the exemption do for baseball today? To put it bluntly, it allows baseball teams to collude in ways that would be illegal if any other entity did it.
  • A disruptive demographic change is upon us. It represents a challenge, yes, but also an opportunity. To meet the one and seize the other will require a clear-eyed view of what we are and some strategy that delivers us to what we ought to be.
  • Bottled water is an essential product. Lawmakers in Augusta, however, are seeking to outlaw the sale of standard water bottles as part of their effort to reduce plastic waste. This policy isn’t just shortsighted, it’s dangerous.
  • Capitalism raises boats for those who play by its rules, accompanied by shared moral values, while socialism, especially when paired with communism, sinks too many boats and hopes.
  • If the rise of DeSantis is a Trump-era phenomenon, his record is rooted in traditional conservative priorities – textualist judges, school choice, tax cuts, spending restraint and law and order. He also has a more pragmatic side, increasing teacher pay even as he has pushed for educational reforms and pursuing a robust environmental agenda.
  • As we all grapple with this past year and keep holding on strong together, our team is so very grateful for the opportunity to continue creating new connections and developing new strategies to deliver our messaging.
  • Governing can get you cursed. Not governing when you should can get you cursed, too.

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