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Mark LaFlamme is a Sun Journal news reporter and columnist and the author of several works of fiction. He sleeps until noon each day and regrets nothing. Mark has several exciting hobbies, all of which are none of your business. Seriously, you don’t want to know. This page is a collection of his Street Talk and Talk of the Town columns.

Street Talk
  • November 24
    Street Talk: Two weeks ago, it seemed there was a strong chance that the boy named Felix would never see another Thanksgiving at all, let alone this one. 
  • November 20
    For many long minutes, Kim Dupuis crouched beside the battered truck in Auburn and held the hand of the 3-year-old. 
  • November 10
    Street Talk: All day on that first day of the time change we sun-loving souls will wander around in a daze, feeling disoriented and out of sorts.
  • October 23
    Street Talk: The pain of a bad tooth is immense. Extraordinary. When it comes for real — this screaming banshee of agony — you, the sufferer, will have moments where you are rendered clinically insane.
  • October 6
    Street Talk: It's become tense and guarded on both ends, and you can't blame the police for this — the media hasn't been altogether kind to cops in recent years.
  • September 29
    Street Talk: When the exchange of words was no longer enough, a plan was hatched. She would sneak out of her family home, travel up to Lewiston and at last, they would be in each other's arms. 
  • September 22
    Street Talk: Don't get me wrong, angry letter writer. When things like fires turn out to be not much at all, I'm happy about it. If no buildings burned for the rest of my life, I'd be as thrilled as anyone. 
  • September 1
    Confessions of a habitual swearer who also happens to be interested in personal growth.
Talk of the Town
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