RUMFORD — Twenty-seven Mountain Valley High School students exhibited characteristics of scholarship, leadership, service and character and earned a nomination to the MVHS chapter of the National Honor Society. They learned of their selection during a recent school-wide assembly.

The assembly began with the National Anthem sung a capella by Kristin Arsenault, Casey Glover, Mackenzie Gonzalez, Adele Oswald, Leah Perry, Samantha Shorey, Eric Thomas, and Kelli Trenoweth.

Caleb Gauvin, president, and Michelle Hale, vice president, thanked the faculty council for their work in reviewing and nominating the candidates. They introduced chapter officers and summarized the service projects.

The NHS chapter recognized the following staff members for their service to the chapter: Matt Gilbert, Debra Buotte, Tom Danylik, Craig Dilman, Melissa Forbes, Mary Gamble, Peggy LaPointe, Victoria Monsalve, Donna Peare, Michael Prescott, and Lorraine Tanguay. Each received a carnation.

Current NHS students reviewed each of the four characteristics of an NHS member. J.T. Greene discussed scholarship, Ryley Flynn explained service, Ronnie Russell talked about character and LeAnn McNally concluded with leadership.

Finally the moment everyone had been waiting for – Gauvin said, “Let the tapping begin!”

A current member walked out into the audience and announced the name of a nominee. The nominee was escorted to the stage and draped with an NHS sash.

The induction ceremony was held on Sunday, May 3, in the Muskie Auditorium.

The newly tapped NHS nominees included, from the junior class, Karissa Bickford, Holden Blauvelt, Alexys Duguay, Hannah Koch, Courtney Lavorgna, Alexander Ridley, Danielle Thibodeau, Kelli Trenoweth and Jordyn Turner. The sophomores were Jonathan Adley, Chelsea Allison, Andrew Arsenault, Jacob Beauchesne, Emily Billings, Alecia Bolduc, Ethan Boucher, Parker Davis, Abigail LaBrash, Abigail Mazza, Nicholas Newman, Travis Palmer, Jesse Pelletier, Julianne Petrie, Jilliann Provencher, Ashley Russell, Kassie Thibodeau and Liza White.

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