My Mom

Susanne Hamann is my mom and my heroine. The reason why my mom is my hero is because she works at the Red Cross, at my great Aunts house, at my house and at Saint Dom’s School. She works everyday and comes home to be with her family.

She is so busy every night with different things. Every time there is a fire she gets called to the scene. She tries to do so much stuff that she doesn’t have any vacations. She tries to get everyone that has been in a fire into a hotel for a while. Then during the day she’s at my great Aunts house and takes care of her. It’s really hard to take care of her because she is very old. Then she comes home to take care of my family. She reads the mail, does some bills, and looks at magazines and works around the house.

I’m very proud of my mom. She’s caring, understanding, loving, compassionate and very sociable. The only time my mom is not busy is when we have summer vacations. We go to Quebec City, which is in Canada. We only go once a year; it has only been for the past two years. She’s been busy ever since then. I wish I could help my mom with many of her things, but my parents won’t let me. So once again, my mom is the heroine of my life.

My Heroes

My two heroes are my mom and my pepere. My mom is always there for me through the good times and the bad times. She teaches me about God and about life. She helps me through my problems and hardships. My mom is always there giving me courage and love. I don’t know what I would do without her in my life.

She is the strength that keeps me going and the light that brightens my way though life. Mom is such an easy person to talk to. I can talk to her about anything and I hope that continues as I get older.

My pepere is a pretty nifty guy. He is my all time handyman. If anything is broken I can always count on him to fix it. One time I had a hole in the wall that was too big for the nail that held up my picture.

Pepere made the hole smaller by stuffing a toothpick in it. I was so amazed and he said toothpaste also works well. He’s also pretty good at taking knots out of necklaces and untangling them. My pepere shows his love for me by fixing my stuff and he gives pretty good bear hugs too. I am very blessed to have my mom and my pepere.

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