The girls’ soccer team from Tripp Middle School for the seventh graders are Alex Naylor, Amanda Adaman, Lauren Metayer, Erin Page, Paige Dyer, Baily Marquis, Morgan and Brooke Burnier, Brittany Noel, Elizabeth Sabine, Emily Hunter, Kasey Akers, and Kristen Butcher. For the eighth graders there’s Mary Beth Kelson, Chelsey Randel, Kate Randlett, Ashley Naylor, Eliza Shumway, Katreana Cloutier, Autumn Landry, Brittany Duncan and Amie Chiassin, they had a game on Sept. 19. They lost 0-6 to Mt. Ararat. They were trying very hard and doing a good job, it was their first game and Mt. Ararat’s second. Mt. Ararat plays rough, but our girls did a good job.

The boys’ soccer team from Tripp Middle School, for the seventh graders are: Zack Chouinard, Ryan Fitzsimmons, Kyle Hausman, Nathaniel Jacobs, Jacob Mailloux, Matt Paladino, Ben Parkin, Jared Smith and Tim Stephenson. For the eighth graders: Cameron Angel, Eric Berry, Nick Bougoin, Derek Bowen, Nathan Brown, T.J. Caldwell, Tim Doyle, Tyler Kenney, Kevin Levesque, Evan Longchamps, Kevin Mulhern, Matt Nash, Anthony Ortiz, Bryan Oullette, Connor Page and Scott Redman. The boys’ soccer game was held on August 19 and was a tie with 0-0. They did a great job against Mt. Ararat. Mt. Ararat plays rough and hard, but our guys did a great job. I will report more from the next game for both boys’ and girls.

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