Away game against Auburn Middle School.

The game started out strong, both teams tierce for the ball. Auburn take the pass-back, but quickly the ball returned to Tripp’s side of the field. Then the ball was forced through the Auburn backs and it was 1 on 1 with the goalie. The goalie attempts a dramatic save, but KateLyn Beekel saves it inside the cirbe and drives it in the goal, making our first goal.

The ball is then pushed to the Auburn side as they make their way to Bethany Ames, Tripp’s goalie. The score was shot but Bethany made a great save to the outside of the circle.

Tripp forces the ball down the field dodging and getting it by Auburn’s defense. Tripp is ones again 1 on 1 with Auburn’s goal. Kaela Jalbert makes a beautiful drive and the ball flies past Auburn’s backs sweeper, and goalie. The shot is made with Taylor MacLean’s assist.

Auburn now has possession of the ball and dribbles down as the ball is paced flat to the center forward inside the circle. Fought between Tripp and Auburn the ball was hit in the goal. Auburn had scored.

Now that the pass-back was in Tripp’s hands we knew not to give up. The ball was quickly at our side and was ecstatically driven to the center of the field by Sarah Quimby. Lauren Doiron received the ball and flicked an awesome This goal won the game for Tripp!

Interview- Varsity Coach (Sue Parlin)

Q. What do you feel you Varsity team’s strongest quality is?

A. Their ball handling skills are really good. The also communicate well on the field.

Q. What would you like your team to accomplish through-out the season?

A. I hope that they are ready to go to the high school, and are prepared for their expectations.

Q. Why do you like to coach field hockey?

A. I like to interact with the girls; it’s just fun.

Q. How did you hear about field hockey?

A. My daughter played and I volunteered coaching when my daughter was in the seventh grade. I’ve coached ever since.

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