Classes have recently started at Oak Hill High School and I’m proud to say we have a new teacher named Jeremy Young who has joined us in our working progress of success.

Mr. Young is from Methuen, Massachusetts, which is near Lowell where a famous writer named Jack Kerouac was from. Jeremy moved to good old Maine when he was two year old. He went to Brewer High School and later attended the University of Maine at Farmington. This is his first teaching job and he has been welcomed at Oak Hill as part of the family.

There was one question I wanted to ask Mr. Young-why did he choose to teach? “There are many reasons.” he replied. “I wanted to be a positive influence in people’s lives!”

That statement is one of a kind. I take those words to heart because he is so young yet he wants to make a difference. Most young guys get stereotyped as bad influences. That is because we don’t hear much about people like Mr. Young.

He went on to explain that it was in his junior year of college that he decided that teaching was his goal. “My biggest question was what subject area I wanted to teach in.”

Some of Jeremy Young’s other interests are writing poetry as well as fiction. He is hoping to be a writer and a teacher at the same time; he has a poem published at He also says he likes to pretend to play the guitar.

“The year is going fantastic,” he said. “I am teaching freshman and seniors.”

As a student in Mr. Young’s freshman class I can say he is a wonderful role model. He’s almost like a big brother to me, other than the fact he has a lot more patience than most brothers I’ve met. Mr. Young has a way of teaching unlike others. I think it is because he is closer in age to us, and it wasn’t too long ago that he was in our shoes. He can understand us in ways others can’t.

It’s great to have a teacher and friend all in one. Now I’d like to say personally thank Mr. Young and welcome him to the team. You’re now family.

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