Stereotyping. We have all done it, even if you don’t think you have. The dictionary says “a simplified and standardized conception or image of a person, group, etc.” You know what it really means today? Prep, goth, jock, punk. What’s one more? Homeless. That’s what Mrs. Morin’s Literature class learned about. In the Literature book we read about one person’s experience with one homeless person in particular. We realized homeless people are the same as everyone else. We treat them like they don’t deserve the time of day, but so many of these people are just down on their luck and need a second chance.

So the class was told to write an essay about an organization that helps people who need either shelter, food, or just a little push to get back on their feet. Then we were told to bring in an item that a homeless person could use. Then someone asks “Do we get it back?” We don’t understand how good we really have it, so many things other people do not have. We did collect two boxes of goods. Some or these things were canned food, a scarf, and a stuffed animal. We are glad we did our part.

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