My parents are my role models because they work really hard to support our family. My parents love me and teach me all that they know. My parents are great people and I respect them very much.

Shelly Loony is also my role model because she is a great hockey player. She works hard and went to the US Olympic team and tries to win, but if she looses, she doesn’t give up. She is a great person and I wish that more people could be like that.

Another one of my role models is Heather Jackson. I met her at hockey camp. She was a counselor. Heather is seventeen years old; she was a student at Philips Exeter Prep School. Heather is going to Princeton. She is also being closely watched by the US Olympic team, so I hear. She is a great person and I am going to try to be as awesome as she is. She is also very smart; you probably figured that out since she is going to Princeton. Heather’s academics are as important as her hockey, which is great.

Another role model of mine is my cousin, her name is Jessica. She went to Holy Cross and Lewiston High, and now is attending Western New England Collage in Springfield Ma. She is a freshman and loves collage, she is becoming a teacher. She is great with ids and even worked at a daycare with them. She is a very good role model, with plenty of fiends and family that love her.

I know I have a lot of role models but I am proud of them all.

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