By Kasey Smith • Auburn Middle School

Team 7 is a multi grade team at the Auburn Middle School that focuses heavily on service learning. Service learning is when you pick an issue in your community that needs to be improved. The students on team 7 pick a variety of issues, just last year over twenty separate projects were being worked on. When the eighth graders of team 7 leave to attend the high school, they usually decide to continue their previous projects.

This year the team leader Mrs. Susan Myers hopes to achieve the same number or even more projects than last year. Some of the on-gong projects we are trying to accomplish this year are projects such as skate parks, adopt a spot, animal abuse-adopt a dog, and roller hockey.

There are no guarantees that projects will get finished because sometimes it takes up to four or five years to actually get to the point of making a difference in our community.

In conclusion, I would like to say that service learning is a good way of learning for me. It is probably good for other students as well.

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