Peter Cianchette
Maine can be a great state, but we have to be able to pay for it.

If gubernatorial candidates heard nothing else from voters, they heard that.

Maine’s budget is excessive, as are taxes. Our current economic uncertainty makes it tough to turn that around.

We need backbone. We need someone who isn’t afraid to bristle legislators and public officials to clamp down on spending, which will naturally lessen tax pressure.

Peter Cianchette is best suited to make Maine more affordable.

Cianchette is best for governor.
Susan Collins
Maine has many of the same troubles as other states when it comes to job creation and quality education, but our small population diminishes our political clout in Washington. To overcome that discrepancy, we have to be heard above the din.

That’s why we need Susan Collins to return to the U.S. Senate.

She is not timid about voicing her view and, as a moderate Republican, has gained a reputation as an effective legislator who doesn’t necessarily follow her party if she doesn’t believe its position is right for Maine.

Her independent streak, her willingness to work with lawmakers regardless of their political affiliation, her advocacy for consumers and businesses, and her views on the environment are truly representative of her constituents.

Return Collins to D.C.
Mike Michaud
We need a representative in Congress who knows Mainers because he lives with them, works with them, worships with them. We need Mike Michaud’s kind of tenacious and sincere representation.

A seven-term member of the Maine House and four-term member of the state Senate, Michaud is a consensus builder who understands that taxpayers are overburdened and government must be reined in. He understands that we need jobs that pay a livable wage and that special education costs are strapping school districts.

He has the job skills, the experience and the personality to do the job — to represent us — well.

Michaud belongs in Congress.
Peggy Rotundo
The Maine Legislature has been saddled with the tough task of bringing balance to a growing budget gap. It will be an emotional task because no one wants their programs cut, but taxpayers simply cannot continue to bear the load we are under.

Peggy Rotundo is a doer, a person who is task-oriented and has a track record of getting things done. She listens well and has proven ability to respond to constituent needs and push for greater financial equity for Maine’s second largest city.

We support Rotundo in the Senate.

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