I’m sure many people live their lives in a fantasy. Always looking back and just wishing. There are also kids and adults who have dreams and goals that he or she wants to accomplish, but always think that they are not “capable” of doing it or just “can’t” do it at all. I believe, that there is no such thing as “can’t” and that everybody is capable of doing something if they set their minds to it. When you do accomplish these goals, you won’t have to look back and wish. You will be able to always have the confidence in yourself to say that you did do it. Why am I a firm believer in all this? Well, I experienced it all myself and figured out that it was all true.

It all started just last year when I set a major goal for myself. I wanted to be able to do my passion of dancing but also be able to get decent grades in school. This wasn’t all easy for me because I would leave for school in the morning, go to dance at Maine State Ballet in Westbrook immediately after, and then come home and do my homework. This same routine was done practically everyday and I thought my goal was highly impossible. I kept thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I finally decided to change that “wouldn’t”, and “impossible” to “I can do it” and “possible.” Guess what? It all worked! My huge love of dance and my dream of getting a good education that year drove me to the max, and my goals had finally come true. I know now that I am ABLE to do it and I will do it again!

My advice for anyone that has a dream or goal that they wish to accomplish, is to never give up. No matter how hard it gets, if it’s your passion or something you really want, give it all you’ve got. You know when you have met that road of accomplishment. It will fill your heart and mind with a confidence and strength you will remember forever.

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