By Noel Scott

Monmouth Academy

What does it take to be a Monmouth Academy X-C runner? It takes guts, pride and knowledge.

I’m not a runner, but I have been the manager for four years.

Even though our team is half of what we had last year, we are still tough. We have a total of eight girls and ten boys, two coaches and three managers. Now this is a great team! The Girls’ Varsity includes Megan Hall, Emily Masi, Heidi Bonderud, Ashley McDonald, DeEtte Martin, Carli Hutchinson, and Jessica Fox. Our eighth runner is Merideth Mulcahy. Our Boys’ Varsity teame Nate Scott, Brandon Wright, Dan Hillier, Myles Butler, Cory Sheperd, Wes Danforth, and Shane Donahue. The other boy runners are Dickson MicCannell. Zac Mayo, and Zach Sager. Our coaches are Coach Rick Amero and Coach Tom Menendez. We also have the assistance of Julie Wright. The managers are Shawn Floyd, Candace Rioux, and Noel Scott.

This past weekend, (October 19), we ran at the Mountain Valley Conference (MVC’S) at UMA. We ran against class C schools and both teams did exceptionally well. The girls were the champions of the conference, while the boys were runners-up.

There was a specific girl who ran the JV race at this conference. She definitely showed the meaning of ANTAMAR! (Ain’t Nothing Tougher Than A Monmouth Academy Runner). She was the only girl who ran the JV race. This girl happens to be Merideth Mulcahy. The weather during the race was cold and rainy, but as Nate Scott would say, “Hey, now this is X-C weather.” And indeed it was.

The team has done awesome this season, both boys and girls, and also each person as an individual. Good Luck to both teams at Regionals and States. Just remember ANTAMAR! So do YOU have what it takes to be an MA Runner?

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