On October 27, St. Peter and Sacred Heart’s P.T.O. hosted their annual Halloween Party at the Knights of Columbus Hall,Council 106, located in Lewiston. The event was open to the students of St. Peter and Sacred Heart School as well as their family members. The person who chaired the event was Heather Emery.

Given two hundred students and parents attended the Halloween Party and it was a huge success. The festivities started at around 4:30. The children were allowed to socialize, play games, and listen to music that was played by Mr. Chris who is also the school’s computer teacher.

At 5 p.m. we rounded up the children for the costume parade around the hall. The children were then presented with a small gift and a raffle ticket for our six door prizes that were raffled off after the parade. There were a large variety of costumes that were worn at the party, from scary to funny or even just plain wild, every child looked great in their costume. The most popular costume of them all was Spiderman.

When the raffle was finished we tested people’s

dancing abilities by doing some well-known dances like the Electric Slide, the Macarena, and Chicken Dance, and the Limbo. Mr. Chris also played many well-known Halloween songs to entertain the guests.

Every child at the Halloween party had a smile on his or her face, at some points it seemed that the parents were having more fun then the kids were. There were refreshments for the guests and at the end of the festivities each child was allowed to take home a pumpkin donated by Steve Holbrook. Parents collected over one hundred and fifty pumpkins from Mr. Holbrooks field.

This years Halloween Party would not have been possible without those adults who volunteered time and energy as well as those local companies which donated things that really made the party an even greater success. But of course what would the party have been without the students who attended the festivities.

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