Chicken Soup for the Soul

This week I will be writing about the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books. Many people think these are just “mooshy gooshy” stories about cancer and dying. I have read three or four of these books, and I think they are some of the best books I have ever read. There are stories for everyone. Some of them are about cancer and dying, but there are stories about kids like all of us saving other people’s lives. Some stories are about abused children, or having a parent die. Some are about getting through your parents’ divorce, others are about living through a tragedy in your life.

I highly recommend these books to everyone. They are great and really make you think.

– Rory Chisholm-Drane • St. Joe’s School

Until We Meet Again

By Michael Korenblit and Kathleen Janger

This is a story written by the couple’s son many years after they had found the wife’s brother in England. This is a Holocaust story about two families with two teenagers who are in love with each other. Both families go into hiding, but the daughter and son leave their family and go with the daughter’s boyfriend’s family. Later on she regrets that she had left her family. The teenage couple finally comes out of hiding to work, and the rest of the family, except for the brother, goes to a different town where they think they might be safe. The teens have to take everything from their houses and even watch their houses being torn apart for materials for the Nazis. They all go through emotional drama, seeing friends’ lives being taken away, watching people they trust betraying them, and finally they are taken to concentration camps.

This was a very good book but should only be read by people who are emotionally mature. This true story was very emotional.

– Rachel Spilecki • St. Joe’s School

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