In response to Mr. Richard Mailhot’s comment on the Democratic Party being the “party for the people,” I beg to differ!

I am appalled that he would make that comment. I am a Republican who ran a clean campaign, care about people, wanted to make a difference for this city, and was willing to work very hard for the people in my district.

I am a member of the Empower Lewiston Board, the Downtown Advisory Board and the Downtown Centreville Neighborhood Association. No one ever asked me what party I belong to. The only criteria was that I wanted to help and try to make a difference.

You do not have to be a Democrat to care about people and want to help. I felt people were ready for a change.

People complain that they are tired of being the highest taxed city and state, and all I was trying to do was give them the option of voting for someone who was conservative and would try very hard to limit the amount of spending being done in Augusta.

There are still some people who feel that the Democratic Party is the “party for the people” but, now, we have more people who are deciding to vote for the person, and not just the “party.” The way Mr. Mailhot made it sound, if you were not a Democrat you just are not capable of caring about people. That is a very false statement!

Claudette Caron, Lewiston

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