Destroy evil in Iraq. Invite it to Lewiston.

OK. So, we were all shocked that terrorists had been among us here in Maine in September of 2001. Well, after all, we didn’t know what terrorists looked like. Had we known, we would have stopped them dead in their tracks.

We still don’t know what terrorists look like, but we’re a bit more suspicious now of anything that even smells funny.

Nevertheless, here we are, inviting self- proclaimed hate- mongers to Lewiston, not because we want them here. No, we have a nobler reason to allow them to come, like avoiding legal suits, waste of money, etc.

The invitation went out a few weeks ago when the seemingly naive Lewiston letter- writing mayor decided to un- invite the Somali people through a public letter. Seems to me that the appropriate thing to do when you want to address a group of people is to go to them directly. But no, Mayor Raymond was reaching out to a wider audience, seeking to appease the white welfare community and its relatives. It did just that, and so much more.

Look, evil is evil. Bad is bad. There’s no gray line here. We know that this Church of the Creator’s intent is hate. Why not send a clear message to that group and others like it, and to the Somali people, and to all the people – – including our wide- eyed children – – that no way, no how, does Lewiston invite nor welcome such groups by simply denying them access to the city.

If all fails, maybe we can count on the Jesus Party running out of books to cut, and they can turn their efforts toward fighting true evil.

Carole Knowles, Poland

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