The water crashes up against the side of the ship as we leave the harbor setting sail on the mail carrier to the islands ofcasco Bay Harbor. The 4th and 8th grades of Wales Central School are riding the ship as part of a Maine studies class. We are here to learn about the differences between island life and life on the mainland. We also came to see the sights of this beautiful ocean rich with boats and creatures alike.

“Life on the Island is quiet, its kind of like the 1960’s”, says Christopher. He is one of the many passengers who rides the ferry everyday back and forth to the mainland and to the island.

On the islands the schools only go up to junior high, some only go to middle school. The teenagers after 8th grade have to get up early and catch the early boat to school, and get one back home. They don’t seem to mind though, there is enough time to do your homework on the ferry ride home.

There is plenty of wildlife on the islands also. Many reports of deer have been made as well as smaller woodland creatures. On the trip we also spotted a moose swimming from one island to another. “It was about a mile and a half between the two islands”, the captain reported as everyone rushed to the side to see the swimming moose.

Everything we did on the fieldtrip was fun, exciting, and somewhat educational. We hope that our teachers, Mrs. Kauffman and Ms. Moyes, along with our schools principal Linda Titus, knows how much we are thankful for this wonderful experience. Most of us will never forget it!

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