I find Rev. Doug Taylor’s letter to the editor promoting diversity to be ironic (Dec. 17). On one hand, he speaks about the evil of hate groups in our community, while on the other he condemns atheists, humanists and homosexuals.

How can one claim tolerance for racial diversity while condemning other groups? It’s hypocrisy. You cannot be tolerant if you only accept specific people.

He claims that prayer was taken out of schools, yet students still recite “”and one nation under God”” in the Pledge of Allegiance every day. Things have changed in public schools, but we still have private schooling options. Public schools are made for the general public, not for people of a specific belief. Everyone doesn’t have the same beliefs and that should be respected.

As far as handling the white supremacist group, everyone has the freedom to do as they please. But this is a moral choice everyone needs to make.

Do they want to be the person to feed the fire? No, ignoring a problem doesn’t work, but by not going to the gathering we are not ignoring the problem. We are simply denying them the publicity that they feed on. They need followers, publicity, and riots to make their agenda work.

If we go to the rally, we will be giving them exactly what they want. So let’s do this right by leaving them to feel alone, rejected and not welcome in our community.

Nicole Bussiere, Lewiston

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