Not long ago, my friend was pulled over by a policeman. When asked if she had done anything illegal, the policeman admitted she had not but he decided to “”run”” her license plate because he now has that option under the Homeland Security Act.

Our government and law enforcement agencies are no longer answerable to us; we are no longer free residents of our country. Why is the only superpower remaining allowed to bully the entire world to conform to its “”standards”” and to terrorize its own citizens?

In Eugene, Ore., the voters demanded that government and law enforcement be held accountable and make public any action taken in the name of homeland security. We in Maine must seriously question the officials supposedly “”protecting”” us when their actions result in the suspension of our liberties.

If published, this letter will possibly bring me under suspicion to the powers that be. The government and its agencies may monitor my phone calls, computer activity, what books I read (under the act, demands can be made upon libraries to disclose that information) and group activities I support. Also, I may be hounded, harassed, investigated, interrogated and even imprisoned for my beliefs all in the name of “”safety.””

Public officials, including law enforcement officers, may be placing themselves in danger because many people are outraged by these new policies. It is time for us to advise our “”protectors”” (and make them accountable) that we cherish the liberties which were secured with the blood of revolutionaries determined to end governmental tyranny.

Bonita J. Cohen, Bryant Pond

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